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With all the buzz right now going on with New Year’s resolutions, the main one that gets circulated the most is making a lifestyle change. How many times have you said this one? How many times did you create the lasting change that you no longer have to commit to it every single year? If this is STILL your resolution for 2019, something needs to change.

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results” – Albert Einstein. The truth is that transformations go far beyond the weight you are on the scale, which is what everyone is striving for when they create their goals for the new year. People start looking as “health” as losing weight, which is not the case at all. We love working with clients who are READY to change their lives overall, not just losing weight. Why are some people successful and others are not? Mindset and behavior changes are the two reasons that people succeed. If you solely focused on the scale alone, you will fail, if you are working on all the other critical areas of your life you will see the success you wanted all along.

The key message that we want to share is that our goal is to create a sustainable transformation that translates into all aspects into your life. What is your goal? What do you really want? This is the start, this is the first question we always ask and want to know. If you don’t have a strong enough WHY, this moment of wanting to make a change is going to be short lived and not sustainable. If you think that changing your body will make your life better, ask anyone who lost a lot of weight if they truly are happier with everything in their lives you will be surprised to hear that isn’t the case. Motivation has to come intrinsically, not from the external praise that you think you want to hear.

When clients work with us, we tackle so much more than weight loss. It’s never about the food, there is so much more going on in your life. There is SO much more going on with your emotions, stress levels, family and your lifestyle that food is just the coping mechanism. Don’t believe me? Well I want to share my experience with this first hand because I know that this message is going to help many people struggling with this exact situation. Your relationship with food is complex. Food is comfort, safety, celebration, love, happiness, anger, enjoyment, fear, and whatever other emotions that you attach to it. Food becomes confusing when you place value on it other than nourishment for your body.

Why am I telling you this? It’s because our society doesn’t have a weight loss problem, it has a weight regain problem. How long have you been trying to diet without success? How many times are you going to keep running back to the starting line of a new diet trying to be successful without working on the ‘other’ aspects of your health? To be honest, weight loss may not be the top priority after you start thinking of how you can improve your health. When you think of a real transformation, that comes from a place deep inside, a place that shines outward when you heal the internal that you have been ignoring for a long time.

I want you to hear my part of the story. I am not exempt from any of the struggles that many of you have. I have spent YEARS of my life mistreating my body. From restricting, binge eating, purging, over exercising, deprivation of holidays and earning food for the day through exercise… I know your struggle. This is the very reason I wanted to become a coach, to impact and share my story to help others who may feel lonely and lost like I once was.

It does not have to be this way forever. My life changed when I started to create confidence with the body I have. I found love for what my body can do and not solely for what it looks like. Has this been hard? Absolutely. But it is worth my peace to feel this way and give guidance to others who feel lost. A diet didn’t fix me. Believe me when I say I jumped from one plan to another hoping to find one that would be the magical fix. Truthfully, I was really looking for someone to just “fix” me. What I really needed was someone that was going to take the time to work on all the other things going on in my life. If you think a weight loss program is going to change your relationship with food, it’s not. It will only bring you farther from what you desire. A strict meal plan with no freedom, eliminating foods you truly enjoy for the sake of maybe losing five pounds to only gain that right back when you stop the program is not worth it.

So, what did finally work? Hiring a coach that cared about me as a person, a coach that broke down barriers and asked the tough questions I was ignoring that held me back for years.   What helped was uncovering the messy relationship I had with myself and fixing that. Only then did I find myself changing the way I viewed myself. Asking for help when you feel like you should have control over things is a hard pill to swallow but it can be the best thing you do for yourself. Yes, coaches have coaches. I personally need that investment and accountability to another person. When I feel like not staying consistent or I have a moment that I truly want to say screw it all, I think of my coach, how he is putting his trust in me and the money I have invested in myself to have this high level service that does not only make my life easier, but takes away the stress factor of “am I doing it right?” I think everyone who has been struggling to stay accountable or feels like they fail over and over again need that extra investment and motivation from a coach.

Sharing this message with you shows you that we are all human and we all need help. As a coach, I use all the tools from my own experience and the advice that I have received over the years from experts in the field of fitness and nutrition. Therefore, clients are more successful when they are working on more than just weight loss. Every client that works with Constantly Varied Nutrition has an individual protocol that is created just for them. We strive to focus on the bigger picture which is awareness of habits/behaviors, consistency in all aspects of health and accountability.

Knowing what you are eating is just as important as how you feel when you eat that food. Becoming aware of the environment and emotions you have when you are eating allows us to challenge you to dig into your deeper why. We want to help you let go of old habits and start creating new ones that enhance your daily life. Consistency is then created every day because that is where change happens. We do not expect perfection, we do expect you to put in your best effort and make your best choices for your lifestyle. We know that life is messy, it’s not perfect and there will be times you need to use your situation as a learning experience. This is why accountability and support will help guide you through the things you once had to go through alone. Is trusting another human hard? Yes, but if you don’t allow someone in to help you are only making the process harder for yourself. You can choose to trust and count on someone or you can try to do it on your own and find frustration and failure along the way.

The above factors combined create a foundation that leads to long term success. Why do we focus on more than just macros? We want you to live your best life, not just your lowest weight life. Believe me, we can diet just about anyone but that doesn’t mean you are thriving in life or healthy. That is not our goal. We want to create a community of healthy, strong, happy and thriving people. For most people, accountability is the missing link preventing them from achieving their fitness goals. Accountability is the link that helps you connect knowing what to do with your nutrition, to actually doing it.

Now is the time for you to make a choice. Are you tired of feeling stuck in your own fitness journey and frustrated from not seeing the progress you’d hoped for? Apply for coaching and let’s talk more about your goals and if you are a good fit for our coaches.  Even if you are not ready to step into coaching, we created a program that will get you started on your journey called, Your Frist 30. We want you to be as successful as you can be, don’t wait until you have a life changing movement that forces you to focus on your health. Prevent that now by making a choice to get started.

Coach Sara