Success Stories

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Dana is the go-to nutritionist! Her recommendations have forever changed me. I have been working with her for a little over a year, and I can feel/see the difference. She is very supporting and is so easy to talk to.

Mary R.

Dana is absolutely incredible! She knows her stuff inside and out and is extremely understanding and adaptable with her plans and recommendations. Whether it’s hours on the road, a busy work schedule, kids, or any other challenge you face with your nutrition, get around and to feel better and perform better. She is patient and very relatable, and I cannot recommend her enough!

Sabrina C.

Wow! Where do I begin 6 months ago I was in constant pain, no answers but lots of tests being done, my periods were heavy irregular and caused lots of pain. I ate a mix of good and bad food and I was sort of depressed with all I had going on. Teaming up with Dana at constantly varied nutrition was a game changer, She helped me not only learn to love food and enjoy it again but she taught me what works for me. In the past I had people say just eat this way and that way and yeah it worked short term but after 45 days I would plateau and still confused about what worked and what didn’t. Dana helped me understand hormones and the effect my food has on MY hormones. She had me out of my comfort zone so much it’s now my comfort zone.. let that sink in. I followed an anti-inflammatory meal plan to reset my body and she introduced me to seed cycling which changed everything. I eat a lot now ..more than ever because I am not afraid of food. I understand it and it’s because Dana didn’t just tell me what to eat she taught me what was best. She was a cheerleader in the best and worst of times and she guided me and because of that I have lost a total of 19.5 inches and I feel amazing.. this is all diet and exercise. And I owe it all to Dana. I wouldn’t be where I am today without such an encourager and leader helping me be the best me. I can now set myself up for success in so many ways.. Dana changed my life and my families! I am grateful to have her! Ready to keep pushing!
From beginning 6months ago to today!
Casey B.

I reached out to Dana when working out alone wasn’t helping and despite many efforts, my PCOS acne inflammation was not getting any better. She helped me find a way to eat cleaner with my chaotic schedule and in about two months my inflammation went down and I felt great for the first time in years. Her coaching has changed my eating habits significantly. No matter how much stress you’re under or how chaotic your life may be, she can help you find solutions to address major aspects of your lifestyle to help you recover and live as healthy of a lifestyle as you can manage.

Carlie P.

Working with Constantly Varied Nutrition has led to a decrease in visceral fat, an increase in muscle, and significant gains in the gym, but, most importantly, it has changed my relationship with food. Now I think before I eat, rather than regretting what I ate. Highly recommended!

Chad B.

What to say…. I am much better with numbers than I am with words. I am a professional engineer by day and a semi-retired, semi-professional, competitive functional fitnesser by night. So let’s look at some of the numbers I see when I look at these pictures.

10.5 – The number of years I have worked a full-time job
9 – The number of months between when these photos were taken
8.25 – The number of years ago I first entered my weight into a diet tracking app.
7.5 – The number of years I have been CrossFitting
4 – The number of years since I last competed at “the highest level” of my sport.
3 – The number of different nutrition plans I attempted since 4
1 – The number of those plans that gave me the results I wanted.

Dana and CVN gave me that #1. These pictures only show the physical progress but they don’t even scratch the surface of the overall progress and impact it has made throughout my life. Dana has guided me through it all and helped me prioritize, adjust, and supported me through everything life has thrown at me both in and out of the gym. I genuinely look forward to our calls every week; not only to find out how we are going to play with numbers and tracking to reach my fitness goals, but also because I have gained a trustworthy friend and teammate in tackling everything outside of the gym too. Thank you, Dana! I’m so excited to keep working with you and have you with me as more progress is made and our relationship continues to grow. This is just the beginning!

Allison E.